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Manga Studio Quick Tip #5 2

There are sometimes annoying situations when you are working in Manga Studio with your drawing tablet. Don’t misunderstand me here, in fact this has nothing to do with neither the program nor the tablet.

In fact it’s caused by the OS of our computers.

Especially user of drawing tablets with a touch strip or a touch ring like the Intuos4 will have experienced the fact that if you click with your pen in one of


Your Wacom Intuos4 And Hibernating Your Computer

Just a short tip that is probably not just true for the Intuos4 but also for other tablets and most likely for more different USB-devices. As I just encounter this on my Vista-PC I have this limited experience.

If you hibernate you computer, put it to sleep or however you may call it and you start it again with the saved session in memory, it can happen that your drawing tablet isn’t functioning properly. Rather than rebooting your computer you can solve this inconvenience with just unplugging the USB cable out of your Intuos4 and put it back in. Then it will function again without any problem.

Works every time for me.

Hope I saved you the time of rebooting with this. Have a good one!

At Last: A Close Look At The Nib Wear Of The Wacom Intuos4 Pen

After drawing for a while with the Wacom Intuos4 drawing tablet it’s time to have a closer look at the nib wear everybody is talking about.

There is one thing for sure: the nibs are wearing off more fast than for example the nib of the pen that came with the Wacom Volito.

But is the nib wear really as excessive as you can read in certain reviews. I always like to try things for myself when possible and see the real life results.