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Barack Obama Inauguration

the 44th President of the United States...Bara...

As I was allowed to come into the booth and pull the lever with my chosen sister Ilaria to vote for Barack Obama, the Inauguration is for me a special moment. I’m so glad and proud that they have let me do this. It was one of the most remarkable moments of my life. Even if I know that this post is not different from million others on million other blogs worldwide, it’s non the less special to me. Here in the Netherlands I will watch the Inauguration live on television. I can’t remember if there was a live broadcast when the 43th president was inaugurated.

Not just all the Americans across America will enjoy the event. The whole world will. (more…)

I’m Not Going To Leak 11 Million Gallons Of Crude Oil 2

Do you sometimes think about what you have accomplished so far in your life? Do you sometimes wonder what other people your age have accomplished? Honestly, sometimes I do but I focus my attention most of the time on people who I consider successful.  Not so yesterday.

Yesterday while I did some useless surfing on the Internet before I went to bed I found out what other people at my current age (42 <– can’t be!) accomplished.

Here we go: (more…)