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How To Simulate Commander Mode For Your Build-In-Flash

For a lot of Nikon shooters it is normal that they have a commander mode for their build-in flash. Canon has just two models who have this possibility and your Rebel isn’t one of them.

Flashes like the Nissin Di622 for Canon just can be triggered with the build-in flash when used off-camera. None of the usual flash triggers you normally find on eBay are working for this model (at the time of writing this).

This creates a dilemma: if you want to use the flash off-camera and have to trigger it with your build-in flash, the last one will have influence on the lighting of your image.

Yes, this is what you don’t want when flashing off-camera!

So we have to improvise and I show you how in this video. Below you see images with proving results and some more thoughts.