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How To Save Your Own Tone Materials In Manga Studio EX

It’s time to dive into creating and saving your own materials in Manga Studio. This is  something you can’t do in the Debut version of this application. You need the EX version to be capable to do so.

While you can save pages and layers as material I have to say that I don’t really see the use for this at this moment. Certain panel cuts or frame splits are very useful as material. However I want to kick start with creating your own tones and saving them.

Let’s go.


Manga Studio Quick Tip #1 2

The idea just hit me that Manga Studio users might be interested in some quick tips. So I give it a shot and try to produce a small series on this. As this is the first one you have to forgive me that it’s quite long for a quick tip.

If you use tones for your comic backgrounds most of the time they are just working fine. Problems occur when you want to use them on a whole page. Suddenly you are confronted with for example a background that is to small and therefore tiled over the entire page.

This is not what you want and here is a work around for this: