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With Or Without Pants, Lady Gaga CAN sing

When I heard the name Lady Gaga in the past and saw some pictures I said I don’t even want to hear something from somebody who’s name sounds like an old hit from Queen and who always seem to forget her pants while leaving the house.

When I was working at the (Dutch) IRS last month they played a song on the radio over and over again. It didn’t took long for me to like it. In the end I wanted to know who sung this song and I looked it up on the Internet.

When I did not just found the radio version but also the piano version in the video below I was convinced: this is fucking great. She’s got talent and she made it completely without this talent chasing TV-shows that produces one star after the other that you don’t remember 3 month from now.

Great work! Enjoy, if you didn’t heard it already.


Emily Wells – A Genius At Work 3

Gosh, I love to discover all that creativity around the globe. Today I found a video where the highly talented Emily Wells from Los Angeles performs In The Barrel Of A Gun at a radio station in Salt Lake City. It’s great not just to hear the end result but to have also the opportunity to see how it’s all done. If you just would listen to the song, you probably wouldn’t believe that it’s just one person who is producing all that sound. (more…)