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Sent Her A Sickness, Then Sink Her In The River! 2

Cover of "Mutter"

Cover of Mutter

Gosh, this isn’t a positive statement, but it’s nonetheless poetry. Normally I’m not a fan op poetry and I don’t have much understanding of it. In the past I thought the words had to rhyme, but that seemed to be a misunderstanding. Someone explained to me that the reader had to made his own interpretation of the words written and I thought Why writing something what nobody understands and not just telling what you want to say. Forgive me my rudeness at this point. Then somebody else explained to me that poetry is all about the feeling you have when you read it. No matter if you can explain the feeling or not. OK, this was a plain explanation. I feel nothing at all, except terribly bored, by reading 99% of the poetry I was asked to read.  I think that makes me the wrong candidate to ask for an opinion. We could have a very long discussion here about what is poetry and what is not. To make it easier I would say it’s in the eyes of the beholder.

Poetry I like, and this sounds very hypocrite after my statement above, are the lyrics of the German Metal Band Rammstein. (more…)