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Cell Shading With Spubba The Mad In Manga Studio EX

I just got green lights to share with you 2 tutorial videos of a very talented lady: Spubba The Mad. She is a professional artist and she knows her stuff. You will love to see how different artist have their different approaches when it comes to coloring.

Have a look how Spubba does the cell shading of her artwork in Manga Studio EX and enjoy the nearly 30 minutes of this videos:


Drawing Contest 2 Participant #6: Spubba The Mad 1

You know Spubba The Mad from her recent cell shading tutorial. She is also the one who had the idea for the theme of this ongoing drawing contest. This is why it’s surprising that she’s quite late with sending in her participating artwork.

She just waited to long to ink it. But finally here she is with a comic strip that explains in a painful way why she is