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The Pros And Cons Of Part Time Jobs 2

While doing monotone work via the part time job agency I did a little thinking because I had the time for it. Did I miss anything? What do you think? What would be your pros and cons? Let me know in the comment section.


  • You accept jobs that you wouldn’t want to do for the rest of your life because it’s easier to deal with them because they are temporary.
  • You don’t get stuck in a job you wouldn’t want to do on the long run.
  • You don’t know exactly where you are going to work next week, next month or even tomorrow. This can make things more interesting.
  • More freedom of choice if you work for more companies.
  • You meet more different people as you would do in a regular job. If you are a peoples person you probably like this one.
  • If you take a day off you won’t get paid. This one is the price of the freedom.


  • You don’t know if you have work next week, next month or maybe tomorrow. Though this is a con it can make it more interesting.