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About Your Value As A Photographer

I could start this post with a rant about photographers who are daring to ask large amount of money for images that look like the average vacation point and shooter had taken them. No offense to the occasional point and shooters here.

However, so now and then I meet photographers who are on an advanced level of knowledge and are able to take very good images. Images people would pay for.


Nathanael Gassett Photographer 8

As I like to see people following their passions and going for the things they really want in life, I want to talk today about a young talented guy from Mississippi: Nathanael Gassett. The first contact I had with Nathanael dated back in the last days of October 2007, when writers around the globe where waiting for November to come and then face the challenge that they were waiting for: writing a novel within 30 days. It was the first time that there was a video group on Viddler especially for this event. We all began making videos a couple of days before and introduced our self to a community, that would result into long lasting friendships. Until the day of today to be correct. (more…)