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Nessaja – I Never Wanted To Grow Up

I found another fantastic song from the early 80th that was a unbelievable smash hit in Germany around x-mas. In fact it’s the closing song from an album by Peter Maffay with the title Tabaluga und die Reise zur Vernunft. In English this means something like Tabaluga and the journey to rationality

The album back then came with a book full of sketches and between the songs there was a storyteller. Tabaluga was a small dragon who was sent by his father to find rationality. At the end of his journey he met Nessaja an old and wise sea turtle that lived under the see.

I found a version with English subtitles made by a Youtube user who combined it with beautiful pictures, so I don’t have to translate by myself this time.

Gosh, I remember big, strong, bumpy guys nearly in tears when they listened to this song. At least when they where drunken and we were drunken regularly back in the 80th.



Over 7 Bridges…

Steppenwolf album cover

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In the last few days an old song from the German rock star Peter Maffay is in my head. I believe it’s from 1980 or so. Gosh, time flies. I have to say that this is in fact a cover, because the original was from the (then) Eastern German band Karat.

The title of the song is free translated Over 7 Bridges You Have To Go.

As in some kind of way this song describes the confusion and feelings I went through the last couple of month I like to share it with you.

While you are listening you can read the free translated text, that will not rhyme because it’s a literary translation. So don’t bother singing it to you your loved ones while reading. Flying tomatoes will be guaranteed, hahaha.