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What To Do If The Pen Tablet Coordination Is Totally Off In Manga Studio 1

A couple of times I read frustrated reactions of Manga Studio user who had problems with the coordination of their pen tablet. Meaning the pen wasn’t drawing at the spot where it was pointed on the tablet/screen.

When I recently got my new monitor (unboxing here) I had the same problem. The overall coordination of the pen was just fine but as soon as I wanted to draw something the coordination was totally off.


First Impressions Of The Wacom Intuos4 Medium 3

You probably read the discussion in the comment section of my former post on the Wacom Intuos4 tablet. If not you can do so by clicking here.

I thought the best way to really find out more is just buying one and see it for yourself. So I took a deep breath and ordered the Wacom Intuos4 Medium Pen Tablet by Wacom over here in the Netherlands.

The deep breath was because I put $519,- on the table while at Amazon it would’ve only been $340,-. Alas, Amazon don’t accepts Paypal payments and I’m this one person on this planet who doesn’t has a credit card. No, I’m not living under a rock.

OK, back to the Wacom Intuos4.


Why A Small Drawing Tablet Is Enough To Start With Digital Drawing And Ending The Myth That You Need A Large One 2

Tonight I produced a little demonstration video with a small pen tablet. In three minutes I show you why it’s a myth that you necessarily need a larger one to start with digital drawing. You can still focus on every detail of your drawing with a tablet of the size of a small envelope.

I hope you find this little video helpful.