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Craving Buster After Christmas (Mario on Paul McKenna Part #3)

Just a couple of days to go and our plates will be filled up with delicious food. I don’t say that you do not eat delicious meals during the rest of the year. The Christmas days just make some dinners even more delicious. For many people this is the point were they start thinking about starting with dieting when New Years Eve has come. Sounds recognizable? (more…)

Mario on Paul McKenna (Part #1) 4

When I thanked Paul McKenna in the acknowledgment of my second book for writing his book Change your Live in 7 Days, one of the first questions I was asked by some friends, Dutch journalists and some readers was: What happened when you read this book?

The answer to this question is so simple that it rather sounds superficial but it is just as simple as that: it changed my life in just 7 days for the better. Most of the time I looked in curious faces after answering and then I had to tell the whole story from the beginning: (more…)

Prozac Nation 4

This is the first edition of the Wednesday Movie Reviews that will, of course, be a regular part of this blog every Wednesday. It’s not necessarily that I talk about movies that are in theaters at the very moment. I will talk about movies that caught my attention. Therefore it can happen, like this week, that I write a review about a movie that’s a little bit older (2001) and don’t plays in theaters anymore. This week we have such a movie. (more…)