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Shooting Kind Of Dramatic With Mario And Pedro

The most dramatic thing on the making of todays video was that the wind blew this shot in the first place. A slightly damaged shoot through umbrella and a receiver.

At some point the lighting circumstances where changing in a way that we decided don’t to use light modifiers all together. We also decided to just use one flash.


This Can Drive You Nuts If You Trigger An External Flash With The Build-In Flash Of Your Rebel

First off: don’t be afraid there is more Manga Studio stuff in the pipeline.

So let’s go. If you have an external flash for your DSLR there will be the moment that you want to use it off-camera. No matter if it is a Canon, Nikon, Nissin or whatever. Most of those flashes can be triggered by the build-in flash of your camera.

In fact it doesn’t really matters what make your camera is from to run into them snag I’m talking about in this video: