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The Naked Amazon Truth – This Was Sold In September 2011

After the last post on this topic I got a very adorable e-mail from a visitor who really was concerned about my earnings. This is why I want to underline that this whole Amazon thing isn’t to demonstrate how little money this blog is generating.

The truth is, and I hope this will take away the concerns of my valued audience, this blog keeps my dog eating and some extra. For example: this year the hosting is paid by a big British telecom provider. So please don’t worry about me.

Anyway, you can find the reason for this Amazon series by clicking here.


The Naked Amazon Truth – This Was Sold In May 2011

Returning visitors know what this series is all about. If you’re a welcome new visitor (and you are really welcome) you can read the back story here.

If you followed this series you may wonder where the episodes (read: posts) of March and April are. The answer to this is real simple: there were no Amazon sales in this two month. At least not via this blog.

I know, the guru’s would never admit this but I do. Let’s celebrate the difference.

While the two month mentioned threw me back when it comes to the future of finally receiving an Amazon check, May was really killer! (Yes, ‘killer’ seems to be the word for this).

Here is what’s sold: