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Mario Cribs – This Is How I Watch Movies At Home

A while ago my dear Brooklyn sister Ilaria suggested that I post a sort of cribs video here so she can see how I live over here in the Netherlands. As my home is quite empty at this time I just have one room that’s worth a closer look, even though I’m not that often in this room.

It’s my home cinema theatre. When I first dreamed about something like that in the early 90th this would’ve been a very expensive adventure. These days it’s quite affordable to realize. I think all together I’ve spend something around the $1000,- all together.

The video doesn’t matches the quality I experience whilst watching movies as my video camera can’t capture the whole magic. However, you’ve got the idea.


Light Of My Life, Fire Of My Loins, My Sin, My Soul… 3

If you read this title of the today’s Wednesday Movie Review, you can already guess that I watched recently the 1997 remake of the literary movie LOLITA with Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain.

Together with my girlfriend I enjoyed every single one of the in total 137 minutes of the movie. Just like Leone would have done, Adrian Lyne took these shots that told the story together with the music, written and orchestrated by Ennio Morricone. This is one of the reasons that this movie made a lasting impression on me. The story by Vladimir Nabokov, the acting, the music, just ever bit is a masterpiece. That’s why I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars if you ask me. And you do ask me (smirk).

After watching the movie I was searching like a maniac for a trailer on Youtube and other places on the web, but I couldn’t find any. But luckily I found something else for you: some users on Youtube were so friendly to share some lost scenes and screen test from the movie. This way I can embed in this last post of the year some extra material. (more…)

The Last King Of Scotland 2

Just saw this amazing movie masterpiece with James McAvoy (I knew I know this guy from ‘Wanted’) as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan and Forest Whitaker in his Oscar role (2007) as Idi Amin. Of course I’ve heard the name Idi Amin when I was a boy, but I did not know that it was a dictator. (I often wonder if there is another kind of President like this out there in Afrika). When I see that this all took place in the ’70 when I was a kid, I notice that I’m getting old. But OK, that’s not the point now. (more…)