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A Ice Cold Fist Grabbed My Heart

It’s a couple of weeks ago already that I watched the movie Hotel Rwanda with Don Cheadle, Nick Nolte en Sophie Okonedo. In the first place I wasn’t sure if I could and should write a review about this movie. This was because of two reasons: the first one was that I couldn’t find the words to describe the emotions I had during and after watching it. The second reason was that my reviews are normally light hearted written and let’s face it, it’s very different to write about the booty of an actress or about a genocide where about 1 million people where killed within 3 months. (more…)

August Rush 3

Are you one of these people who always saying: ‘Oh, but this movie isn’t realistic. This can’t happen in the real world.’ If so, I’ll give you a tip: sell your TV and home cinema system on eBay. No, I am not trying to insult you, it’s just a good opener for this weeks review, because I recently saw a fairy tale mixed up in a 112 minutes music video masterpiece.

Come on, it’s Christmas, don’t be realistic and sit down, cuddling with your spouse without breaking the remote control by sitting on it and enjoy this movie. The plot is as warm as your cacao and comes right out of fairy tale tellers heart. (more…)

Felon 2

When I watched this movie recently it was like one of my worst nightmares had been told by director Rick Roman Waugh. Can you imagine by just protecting your family and your properties you brake the law accidentally by yourself? This is what happens to main character Wade Porter played by Stephen Dorff.

Felon tells the story about the nice family man Wade Porter with a good future who loses all when he by accident kills a thief that broke into his house. Sentenced for manslaughter he has for the next three years to face the hard reality in prison, where the rules of the normal society are no longer valid. Whilst doing his time in prison he not just need to survive but also has to make decisions that can cost him even more years of his life. (more…)