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Welcome To The Crisis Of Credit 1

Finally an explanation in plain English of what has and is going on in this crisis everybody over the whole world is talking about. Jonathan Jarvis of www.crisisofcredit.com (The site is currently unavailable due to the crazy amount of traffic) did an outstanding job by producing the video below (maybe not visible in your reader due to a bug in feedburner) where he visualized the whole process from greed to worldwide fiasco. (more…)

How Scam Sites Fake The Income Statistics! 2

This blog is not about internet marketing. Neither is it about earning any money on the Internet. Even though I have no other income than from affiliate marketing. I am not here to teach you anything about it. There are enough sites and blogs out there who do their job very well.

But as there are many scam sites out there who try to get you over the threshold to buy any ‘success granted’ product with their income statistics, I feel the need to inform you about something important. (more…)