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Momo’s Rocking Approach Of Positivity 2

Hi guys, no update on my situation today. You see, I don’t want to sit like a child crying in the corner complaining how bad the world is. I’m working on everything and come up with some new insights and articles about it soon.

Two days ago I discovered Momo from TheMomoZone on Youtube. I really enjoyed his cool approach of life, positivity and manifestation. I have mentioned people like Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler often here on this blog and when I saw Momo I said to my girlfriend: This is cool. This guy has a kind of Ozzy-like approach to all this things. (I don’t want to offend anyone.) What I meant by that was that he uses a total different language, what makes all the wisdom out there more available out there on the street. I think he does an excellent job.

I embed the first video that grabbed my attention. I hope you enjoy it in the same way like I did: