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A Big Thank You To All Of You

A couple of days ago I received a very adorable e-mail from Donna who had an issue with Manga Studio. You probably think that it’s very common for me to receive this questions and yes, it is.

But what made this so adorable and nice is the fact that Donna is a 67 year old grandmother who has fun using Manga Studio. I just like the imagination of it. It just proofs that there are no limits when it comes to diving into creativity using digital technology.

I’m glad I could help Donna by sending her in the right direction and wish her many busy hours being creative with Manga Studio.

What To Do If The Pen Tablet Coordination Is Totally Off In Manga Studio 1

A couple of times I read frustrated reactions of Manga Studio user who had problems with the coordination of their pen tablet. Meaning the pen wasn’t drawing at the spot where it was pointed on the tablet/screen.

When I recently got my new monitor (unboxing here) I had the same problem. The overall coordination of the pen was just fine but as soon as I wanted to draw something the coordination was totally off.