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Manga Studio Basics – Part 18: The Burn Tool 4

The burn tool in Manga Studio is basically used to add shadows to your artwork. This is very obvious but nonetheless there is a hurdle some users experience and they just can’t lay a finger on it. I do it in this video whilst showing you the most common mistake that is made with the burn tool. The solution is pretty easy and shows how important it is to make a selection first. If you want to know more about the cool selection features you can read this article where I explain it step by step.

Up to the video and let’s avoid this common mistake:


Manga Studio Basics – Part 17: The Color Blend Tool 13

Depending on how you prefer to draw the shadows in your drawing you can use the color blend tool to smoothen things up. If you for example decide to work with just two skin colors to give depth to your drawing, you can easily use the color blend tool in Manga Studio to make it look more smooth.

I apologize for receiving a text message during the making of this video: