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Craving Buster After Christmas (Mario on Paul McKenna Part #3)

Just a couple of days to go and our plates will be filled up with delicious food. I don’t say that you do not eat delicious meals during the rest of the year. The Christmas days just make some dinners even more delicious. For many people this is the point were they start thinking about starting with dieting when New Years Eve has come. Sounds recognizable? (more…)

Blood Clots/Stroke Information Everyone Should Know

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Maybe you recognise this: so every now and then you receive this funny messages, movies or PowerPoint presentations in your mailbox. If that sounds familiar, the following will do as well: because of your lack of spare time you decide so now and then to send it unread to the trashcan.

Today I had one of the described situations, but when I took the time to spit out the trash before deleting it definitely, I found information that I think is valuable. Valuable enough to share with you right now. It’s about identifying a stroke. The following text is not written by me (less typos) and not edited or changed in any way. My thanks go to the original writer. (more…)