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Using Thumbnails For Your Comic Creation 5

In the case that you just started out creating your first comic or even your first graphic novel, it is worth thinking about the use of thumbnails. You can see the thumbnails as very rough sketches that come even before the first actual first sketch as I explain in this video:

I consider the use of thumbnails in the creation process of my graphic novel Wallstreet Hijack (not yet started at the time of  writing this) as a very important thing to do.


How To Build A Storyline For Your Comic or Graphic Novel 4

One of the most common questions I got asked is if I could do a video or an article on how to build a story line for your comic or graphic novel.

For this reason I want to share with you the very basic that all story lines worth reading have in common.

I assume that you already have a main character for your story in mind or even better, you already created one.


How To Organize Your Drawing Within Layer Folders In Manga Studio 3

Whether you are working on a drawing with many details in it or on a epic comic book story, you will discover very soon that it can be a challenge to keep everything well organized.

To prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by your own work, Manga Studio provides you with the functionality of organizing your work in layer folders. As some people seem to become overwhelmed by this functionality of its own, I created this little video.

In this video I demonstrate how I organized the layers in layer folders for the first chapter of my graphic novel Wallstreet Hijack. At the time of writing this and producing this video this chapter is still at the thumbnail stage.

Have fun organizing your drawings and working faster. The learning curve is really very low.