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The Google AdWords Nightmare / Google’s Circle Jerk

A couple of years ago it was pretty common that especially adult rated websites made use of so called circle jerks. That means that if one of our neighbors, ( as you and me never visited such websites) left such a site a pop-up window would open and load a new adult rated website. This would happen with every website he  choose to close until he’s at the first website again and the whole game starts all over again.


Happy Birthday, Perry! 1

Although my blog has nothing to do with Internet Marketing and is not about teaching others how to earn money on the Internet, I want to shine my light (I don’t know if this is an English expression, as usual) on a marketer from the old school.

Perry Marshall is turning 40 (unbelievable that he is not much older than me) on April 10th. As I learned many useful things from him druing the last two years, I want to make use of this moment and congratulate him.

What I think makes Perry special, compared to the so called gurus, describes itself in his following statement:

If I wanted to make a bunch of money I’d just shamelessly pander to this trend, and tell everyone how easy it is to make money online. Those of you who know me know, it ain’t so simple. I’ve been burned before, so my caution lights go on. I want people to know what they’re getting into. (more…)