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A Simple Answer To Your Burning Question -Which Version Of Manga Studio To Choose?

A while ago I talked about the three questions to ask before buying a drawing tablet. If you missed this one you can read the article here. When David Gibbon let us take a look over his shoulder while he was drawing Martha, I came back on that topic here.

Today I want to give you my opinion when it comes to choose a version of Manga Studio.


Helping A User And Drawing A Girl In Perspective In Manga Studio 2

A couple of days ago a Youtube user asked me if I could help him using text balloons in Manga Studio Debut. I was very happy to see that my post on this topic solved his starting problem and lowered the learning curve for him, as it proofs for me the value I try to deliver with this blogs and the videos.

For my readers who were waiting for a new drawing I just doodled this girl. I was playing around with the possibility to bring the joint doll into a perspective I didn’t used so far. I find the result pretty funny.

Let’s take a look before I briefly describe what I did this time. I hope you enjoy it.