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No Late Dinner For Mario In Germany 1

German Autobahnpolizei (motorway police) stopp...

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Of course I wish you all the best for the new year, but I guess you could get tired to read it as a headline in the most first posts of the year all over the world. That’s why I want to start this blogging year with the a short experience I had with the German police on the evening of December 27:

On the “third” Christmas day I had to go home by train from Heemskerk (what’s in the north of the Netherlands, I think) to Heerlen (that’s where I live). Simone and I were in Heemskerk during the Christmas days at her parents place and because I had work to do, I decided to go home earlier. The trip home went well. When I arrived in the evening I noticed that I was completely forgotten to eat. Yes, this happens on a regular base, but I don’t ignore my belly when it makes weird noises. (more…)