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Sketching And Inking Hands #5

Today we are going to draw a male hand with a little more detail. You wouldn’t draw that many lines on a female hand, what in fact makes female hands a little less tricky.

I’m using Manga Studio in combination with my Intuos4. You can of course draw along with me with every tool you like. So grab your pencil and paper or stylus and tablet and let’s go.


Sketching And Inking Hands #4

This time we are going to sketch and ink one hand in one video. As I say in the video the reason that I put a cigarette into play isn’t the fact that I smoke but rather that the position of the hand asks for it.

As always you are still drawing during the inking process. For that reason you’ll see that I’m not strictly following the lines of the sketch and make the hand a little more slender in the end.