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Sorry For The Downtime Today

Due to an unexpected upgrade of the server on which this blog is hosted, it looked kind of ripped off during a big chunk of the day. You may have noticed that there where weird warning messages all over the place.

This caused me to panic a little and I fell behind with my planned posts. You see, panic isn’t good for your creativity. Thanks to my hosts 24/7 working support team the problems are solved right now.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Sorry For The Downtime Last Night!

Hello everybody, I just wanted to apologize for the downtime of this blog that occurred last night. I discovered it when I wanted to write a post in the middle of the night (early morning actually).

After having contacted my hosting provider it just seemed that that the rights to the map of the blog had changed. This must have been happened when I automatically updated one of the plug-ins and it had escaped my attention.

Sorry for this. Now I am going to work on the next post.

See you soon,