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Damn Clever Derren Reveals Useful Tricks 2

With his typical dry humor, Derren Brown shares surprisingly much information about his ‘Tricks Of The Mind‘ in his bestseller with the same title. If you’re fascinated by Derren Brown and want to know what makes him tick, this is your chance. He gives away tricks where you can amaze your friends with, even without feeding them some strong drinks first.

No Late Dinner For Mario In Germany 1

German Autobahnpolizei (motorway police) stopp...

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Of course I wish you all the best for the new year, but I guess you could get tired to read it as a headline in the most first posts of the year all over the world. That’s why I want to start this blogging year with the a short experience I had with the German police on the evening of December 27:

On the “third” Christmas day I had to go home by train from Heemskerk (what’s in the north of the Netherlands, I think) to Heerlen (that’s where I live). Simone and I were in Heemskerk during the Christmas days at her parents place and because I had work to do, I decided to go home earlier. The trip home went well. When I arrived in the evening I noticed that I was completely forgotten to eat. Yes, this happens on a regular base, but I don’t ignore my belly when it makes weird noises. (more…)