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What To Do If The Background Colors In Your Image Are Distracting

Sharon Arets has a great eye for detail when she works on her cosplay costumes. This is not the stuff you get ready to go anywhere in a store nearby.

Before we have a look at the final image that I took when I was passing bye (I didn’t want to interrupt her conversation at that moment) let’s see how you calm down distracting background colors in Lightroom.


Phantasium 2012 (Eindhoven – The Netherlands)

Finally I had some time to make this short video with my favorite shots I’ve taken at the Phantasium 2012 event in Eindhoven a couple of weeks ago.

The light circumstances weren’t to my liking at all but after all challenges are opportunities and it’s always great to make things work. And sometime you just have to let it go.


Star Wars Stormtrooper Costumes – Why Weren’t They Available 30 Years Ago? 2

Costumes That Don't Suck

I’m not a fan of Star Wars nowadays but I was when the first Star Wars movie (what seemed to be episode 4) hit the silver screen.

I don’t have to tell you that it was a total hype. At least if you are about the same age I don’t have to. Start Wars was the topic of every conversation at the school yard back then. We were totally amazed by the special effects and of course every boy wanted to be Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.