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Manga Studio Ruler Tutorial – Part 6 1

In this 6th part of the series on rulers in Manga Studio we have a look at how the ruler handle works.

As I said in the video: the next parts of this video tutorial series will only be available for members of Mario-Live.com. The series will have at least 15 videos in total. To get access you just have to subscribe to my newsletter. I will broadcast the passwords to this protected posts when the tutorials are up and running.

Manga Studio Ruler Tutorial – Part 1 2

To less people make actually use of one of the coolest features in Manga Studio: the ruler layers. The reason for this is the learning curve. For me reason enough to do my very best to lower yours!

Probably you leave out this great tools altogether because of the complexity of it. I think explaining it in little chunks will make it much easier and will convince you to give it a shot whilst creating your artwork.