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Comic Books On The IPad

My friend Bart is a gadget lover and as many other people he was waiting nail biting on the release of Apple’s IPad once it was announced in the media.

I have to admit that, even though I live on-line and I love technology, I still see the IPad as kind of a roof tile sized cell phone. Talking about cell phones, can you imagine that I’m at the time of writing this still use an old Nokia cell phone?

Yes, one that has just the purpose of calling and getting called. It can’t make coffee or do the dish washing. 50% of the time it acts as an alarm clock as it has this friendly voice that tells me that it’s time to get my butt out of bed.


On Super Heroes

As start for a new category on this blog I think that interested visitors are appreciating this 93 minutes documentary on Super Heroes I found on Youtube.

The first thing I noticed when I started to watch it was how unbelievable badly I miss New York. But this is a different story.

The documentary features all the great comic book artists and is very entertaining to see. Especially when you see these guys at work.

It wasn’t possible to embed part 8 so I place the link to the video on Youtube.

Grab a coffee, lean back and enjoy: