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If You Can Draw This Then You Can Draw Curly Hair 9

I have to think on the new Karate Kid movie with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. When Chan orders Smith to put on his jacket, then put if off, hang it up and so on. We see a very nice example of deep practice. Like a mantra Chan let Smith do the right practice over and over again.

A comparable example of deep practice can be the following little exercise. If you like, grab your pen and paper or your pen tablet and take some action.

I’m pretty sure you are able to draw something like this over and over again:

Of course you are able to extend this with some shadowing like this:

Maybe you think what has this to do with drawing curly hair? Right?

Just do this over and over again until you can do it in your sleep and in different angles.

Now I dare say that you are able to draw something like this: