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It’s Not The Blues, It’s Her… 2

OK, it sounds a little like defending myself by saying that I watch a movie purley because of it’s content. As there is the plot, the cast, the soundtrack and the composition of camera shots. But it’s true. What is also true is the fact that I never was one of those who said that Christina Ricci is a great looking actress. She is a very good actress, no doubt about that, but I never considered her as great looking.

That said, I have to admit that there were three reasons for me to watch (more…)

Prozac Nation 4

This is the first edition of the Wednesday Movie Reviews that will, of course, be a regular part of this blog every Wednesday. It’s not necessarily that I talk about movies that are in theaters at the very moment. I will talk about movies that caught my attention. Therefore it can happen, like this week, that I write a review about a movie that’s a little bit older (2001) and don’t plays in theaters anymore. This week we have such a movie. (more…)