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The Beautiful Chain-Smoker

There is just one male person walking over this planets surface, where I have to admit that he did not just caught my attention with his work and art but also with his looks. For the guys: we all would admit that actors like Brat Pitt, Ben Affleck a.s.o. are handsome guys. Yes, in most cases they are even more handsome than you, my dear reader. No hard feelings please, we stand in the same kind of shoes, what makes it more bearable for the both of us.

A couple of years ago, I saw for the first time a concert of the Finnish rock band HIM (His Infernal Majesty) on the German televison. (Years later I visited one of their rare concerts on a rock festival here in the Netherlands). l wasn’t just absorbed by their great songs like Join me in Death and Gone with the sin, but also by the androgynous beauty of the charismatic front man/singer Ville Valo. This was one of the rare moments where I thought: Hey, why don’t I look that great? According to many male reactions on forums I’m not the only man thinking this way. (more…)