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Cell Shading With Spubba The Mad In Manga Studio EX

I just got green lights to share with you 2 tutorial videos of a very talented lady: Spubba The Mad. She is a professional artist and she knows her stuff. You will love to see how different artist have their different approaches when it comes to coloring.

Have a look how Spubba does the cell shading of her artwork in Manga Studio EX and enjoy the nearly 30 minutes of this videos:


Cell Shading With Tony Avina

If you on the verge to draw your comic it can be a hard job to decide which way to color your work. Really, I can feel your pain.

In March I shared with you in this article video’s by Tony Avina on comic coloring for two reasons:

  1. I feel that they deserve as many eyeballs possible.
  2. They find them better than the DVD I purchased on the subject that I reviewed in this article. You learn more in much less time.

As I feel the same thing with his crash course on cell shading, I want to share them with you today: