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How To Get A Better Exposure If You Are Using Your Pop-Up Flash

Especially if you’re just starting out you don’t have an arsenal of gear to work with. Let’s face it: good glass and a camera body isn’t cheap in the first place. (Notice that I mention glass first for a good reason)

If your budget doesn’t allows you to buy an external flash right from the spot and deep in your heart you know that you rather wouldn’t use the pop-up flash of your camera here is a way to make it a lot more bearable.

Talking about BEARable: you hear me say beer instead of bear in the video as there is some wishful thinking involved obviously.


How To Simulate Commander Mode For Your Build-In-Flash

For a lot of Nikon shooters it is normal that they have a commander mode for their build-in flash. Canon has just two models who have this possibility and your Rebel isn’t one of them.

Flashes like the Nissin Di622 for Canon just can be triggered with the build-in flash when used off-camera. None of the usual flash triggers you normally find on eBay are working for this model (at the time of writing this).

This creates a dilemma: if you want to use the flash off-camera and have to trigger it with your build-in flash, the last one will have influence on the lighting of your image.

Yes, this is what you don’t want when flashing off-camera!

So we have to improvise and I show you how in this video. Below you see images with proving results and some more thoughts.


This Can Drive You Nuts If You Trigger An External Flash With The Build-In Flash Of Your Rebel

First off: don’t be afraid there is more Manga Studio stuff in the pipeline.

So let’s go. If you have an external flash for your DSLR there will be the moment that you want to use it off-camera. No matter if it is a Canon, Nikon, Nissin or whatever. Most of those flashes can be triggered by the build-in flash of your camera.

In fact it doesn’t really matters what make your camera is from to run into them snag I’m talking about in this video: