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Nice Side-Effect During Metering – Before And After The Photographer Has Been Noticed

In an earlier post I explained how I’m doing my scene investigation and metering before I’m going to shoot bird shows. You can read the post and watch the accompanying video by clicking here.

While I’m doing my metering I also tend to browse through the crowd. If I see some interesting people, situations, faces or both I take a candid shot.

Sometimes it’s interesting to see how people react when they notice (or think) that their photo has been taken. I think the following before and after comparison demonstrates very good how people seemingly change their mood when they are photographed. In the end an image says more than a thousand words. (Warning at the end of this post)


I don’t think the frown of this young lady was in any way related to the fact that I just set my shutter speed to 1/1000 of a second, the aperture to f4 and the ISO to 100.

This one could by the way make a great black and white image.

Anyway, I can tell you that the frown was most likely the result of that the sun was shining into her face.