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Worst Pope Ever! 7

Pope Benedictus XVI

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In the first place I wanted to add Bill Wolfrum’s article Jesus Christ returns to Earth – punches Pope in face, leaves again in my upcoming list of favorites of the week, but I feel this topic deserves a little more attention. In this and other articles Bill describes undeniable facts about the damage this Pope Benedict XVI is causing.

To make my point clear, I truly believe that everybody should believe in whatever he or she is comfortable with. I also believe that everyone who feels comfortable not to believe in the things described in whatever religion, has the right to do so as well.

I think this is a pretty tolerant point of view, if you think otherwise, skip this article. I met people who’s tolerance did not get that far when it came to not believing in the things they believe(d) in. If this is you, good bye for now, see you soon for reading an other article. Besides this: it’s a very long one. (more…)