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Import Your Own 3D Models In Manga Studio EX 14

Just like you I was thinking about the possibility to lay my hands on additional 3D objects for my copy of Manga Studio EX. Though it comes with a whole bunch of 3D models that can keep you busy for a very long time you will come to the point where you want just that object that isn’t in the package.

On my prowl to find something new for you (and me) one of my mates sent me a link to a very interesting tutorial on Youtube. That shows you how to create 3D objects in Google Sketchup, convert them with Blender and then import them into Manga Studio. Both applications are free and easy to use.

All the credits for this tutorial are going to Christopher Chong over at Sonic Images who did a very good job demonstrating us how to do it:


How To Adjust The Camera Angle For Your 3D Object In Manga Studio

An overlooked fact if you are using the 3D objects in Manga Studio and then zooming in on your model is the camera angle. The effect many users will achieve is that they look at the model on an eye level. This way they wouldn’t have what some call ‘deforming’ of parts of the body.

You see sometimes it can seem that the head is getting bigger. The only problem here is the camera angle. In today’s little video I show you how to bring it on eye level so that you can work with it in a satisfying work. You could also call it ‘working 2D with an 3D object.’

I hope this 2 minute video helps.


What To Do If Your Rendered 3D Object Differs From The Preview In Manga Studio 2

Even though I should draw the next panel for my graphic novel right now I have to procrastinate for a good reason. You see, there is nothing that let me create a new (short) video faster than a frustrated user of Manga Studio.

Especially if I had the same frustration in the past. This time it was the fact that in most cases your rendered result of your 3D object looks different from what the preview was showing.

Let’s be real here, if you are satisfied with the result the preview shows you and you hit the render button you expect the same result as you’ve seen. Don’t you?

I’m pretty sure that this little work around video will help you and take away your frustration or prevent you from becoming frustrated.