Resources For Indie Film Makers

On this page you will find a list of links to resources for Indie Film Makers. If you have any suggestion of links that should be added please feel free to submit them via the contact form.

Actors and Actresses

Stage 32
hen I was looking for something like Modelmayhem for actors I found out about this great community

Casting to the people is a mobile app where you can do all the castings on your smartphone. Have a look at their instructional video on the home page.

Film Music

A great source for finding royalty free music for your short or feature. However, make sure to have close look at the different license models they offer.

Josh Woodward
Josh Woodward created and produced hundreds (and counting) of good songs and instrumentals that you can download and use for free. To make sure that everything works smooth I advice to contact Josh when you want to use his music for your flick.

Free Music Archive
Free AND good! Please make sure to dive into the different licensing models before using what is offered.

Royalty Free Kings
A huge collection of music for your movie. Again, make sure to read the individual licensing models.

Sound Effects
If you need some (additional) sound effects for your scenes you can find them here. They come for free but make sure to check for the licensing terms.