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Why American Gangster Really Had An End And Why Free Downloading Is Not Free At All

A while ago when I was having a drink with my mates I had this conversation with René. This time it was about the Ridley Scott movie American Gangster with Denzil Washington and Russel Crowe. At one point René told me that he didn’t like that movie very much as it ended kind of abrupt. He thought it was very disappointing to watch a movie that was also nominated for an Academy Award and that ended that suddenly.

I was flabbergasted at that moment and we talked about the ending of the movie. It seemed that he and his wife had missed the last fifteen minutes of the movie. When I told him how the version ended that I saw (I’ve seen so many movies in the meantime that I don’t really remember at the time of writing this down) het turned to his wife and said:


A Ice Cold Fist Grabbed My Heart

It’s a couple of weeks ago already that I watched the movie Hotel Rwanda with Don Cheadle, Nick Nolte en Sophie Okonedo. In the first place I wasn’t sure if I could and should write a review about this movie. This was because of two reasons: the first one was that I couldn’t find the words to describe the emotions I had during and after watching it. The second reason was that my reviews are normally light hearted written and let’s face it, it’s very different to write about the booty of an actress or about a genocide where about 1 million people where killed within 3 months. (more…)

It’s Not The Blues, It’s Her… 2

OK, it sounds a little like defending myself by saying that I watch a movie purley because of it’s content. As there is the plot, the cast, the soundtrack and the composition of camera shots. But it’s true. What is also true is the fact that I never was one of those who said that Christina Ricci is a great looking actress. She is a very good actress, no doubt about that, but I never considered her as great looking.

That said, I have to admit that there were three reasons for me to watch (more…)