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Why You Can’t Translate Your Initials Into Chinese For Your Tattoo 2

I participated in this very interesting discussion over at the British Tattoo Forum of the vendor where I purchase my tattoo supplies. A mate were looking for appropriate Chinese Characters to tattoo the initials M.B. on a client.

I explained why this isn’t working after anther participant shared his experience with this.


How To Create A Custom Tattoo If You Can’t Draw It Yourself And You Know Nobody Who Can Do It For You 10

Beautiful girl with custom tattoos over her entire body.

During one of our weekly meetings with some friends at Rene’s place (our host since 15 years, at the time of writing) last summer we had this conversation about tattoos. Better said about tattoo art. Earlier that day I’d stumbled around on the web aimlessly and enjoyed some very beautiful photographs of models with great tattoo artwork.

As it was warm, Rene showed more skin than usual and made me think of my discoveries that day. At one point we studied the tattoos we’ve got and came to the conclusion that Rene’s tattoos, though well done during one of his Amsterdam vacations, are a collection of images that don’t have any connection with each other.