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Upke: A Grateful Goodbye To My Longest Relationship 8

Tomorrow is the day I was afraid of thirteen years ago. I knew that it would come and it nearly was the reason to decide against taking a pet. The reason to decide otherwise was that I always said that you shouldn’t mourn for the loss, but be grateful for the time you’ve had. However logical that sounds, it’s kind of weird and it feels inconvenient knowing that her day has come while she is downstairs


Bizarre Zoo 2

Lately it is a kind of a addiction for me to start stumbling with stumble-upon before I finally decide to go to bed. It’s like allowing myself a break of entertainment to finish the day.

Last week I stumbled over this post: The Bizarre Zoo In Argentina

After looking at all this pictures and reading some of the comments, some questions were rising in my head: (more…)

Spikey Back On Track! 3

When we let Spikey out yesterday, Simone complained that I did not yet write a follow-up article about our little friend.

‘When you share the bad things that happened to him on the Internet, it’s your duty also to let people know when he is doing better’, she said.

I couldn’t agree more. After receiving private messages from readers who where sharing their sympathy with Spikey it’s my duty and my pleasure to share with you how he is doing now.