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Disclosure Statement

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me, Mario Kluser.

First of all, I do not apologize for earning money, just as you wouldn’t do that for receiving a paycheck for your job.

Every outbound link on this blog should be an affiliate link. If it isn’t it will be in the future.

If I recommend a product and you decide to buy it via one of my affiliate links I will demand my cut by the vendor of the product or service.

Even if I recommend not to purchase or even to avoid purchasing a certain product or service there will be an affiliate link to the vendors site. If you decide to buy the product or service anyway via my affiliate link I will demand my cut by the vendor of the product or service in this case as well.

If you don’t want me to have my cut you can easily go to the vendors website directly or via an affiliate link of somebody else. You also can chose to go there via a search engine. I will not lay awake at night and stare at the ceiling in the dark because of this.

The fact that I am affiliated with a vendor doesn’t mean that I don’t point on weaknesses of his product or service or that I recommend to avoid purchasing it.

If you feel that I recommend product/service A rather than product/service B just because I’m affiliated with product A, I can tell you that it’s a matter of seconds to become affiliated with product/service B as well. It’s most likely that I am already affiliated with both or more products/services.

You see, it is very simple to be honest when it comes to affiliate links.

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Commenting Rules

If your comment is caught by the spam robot used on this blog there will be a reason for this.

Comments in any other language than English will be removed whether or not you know me personally. This blog is in the English language and the readers of this blog expect to be able to read all the content including the comment sections.   Exception: If your comment is useful for other readers and it’s in Dutch or German, it then will be translated into English.

It’s not allowed to put URL’s into a comment. You can use the specified field for your link. There can be exceptions for regular commenter’s. But this will never be the rule.

If your only goal is a link juice and the statistics proof that you were testing your back link right after commenting your link will be removed.

Thank you.