How To Memorize Opposite Colors Easily 1

Did you ever get overwhelmed when you heard people talk about color in this scientific way?

Did you wonder what the heck they were talking about when it came to opposite colors? I remember a time were I even was surprised that they existed? How could a color be the opposite from another one? Well, just have a look at this very short video. It really isn’t rocket science and very easy to remember. This can be gold when you are in the midst of your creative work.

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One thought on “How To Memorize Opposite Colors Easily

  • Sterken Graphics

    Wow, this video made me feel really happy after watching it! LOL
    Great vid, Mario! I also highly advise picking up a color wheel, a nice one that has all the bells and whistles. They are only about $3.50 and indespensible when it comes down to managing color.