Why Your 5 In 1 Reflector Has A Black Side

I even saw photographers who shoot for magazines wondering about that…

…so you really don’t have to feel stupid if you ever wondered why these 5 in 1 reflectors have a black side.

Let’s be honest: black isn’t really reflecting anything and a reflector is supposed to reflect. Isn’t it?

In todays video I showcase and explain why your reflector has a black side besides the silver, gold, white and diffusion panel.

Let’s say you have place your model in a spot where you get some reflection from a surface or subject that you don’t want. However, you really want to have your subject on that very spot but without that annoying reflection. In this case you can use the black site of your reflector to swallow the light or better said the unwanted reflection.

Just as easy as that.

Thank you very much for watching/reading/stopping bye.

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