Kit Lenses – Why I Don’t Use Them

Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a new camera body with a kit lens than it is without. This is…

…occurs from time to time in the entry level camera segment.

There are several reasons why I don’t use kit lenses. The fact that I don’t use kit lenses doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.

Here’s Why:

  • They are not sharp enough. (No offend)
  • They usually produce a lot of chromatic aberration in contrast rich images.
  • They are too plasticy for professional purposes. (Seen the low prices this is not THAT bad as they are replaced easily for a couple of bucks.)
  • The AF is most of the time not that fast and quite noisy.
  • The front element is moving whilst focusing. This makes it nearly impossible to use a polarization filter in a proper way.

Essentially this are the reasons why I don’t use kit lenses.

Thanks for reading and/or watching.

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