(Not So) Quick Review Of The Westcott 7 Foot Parabolic Umbrella

It’s time to get out of hibernation. So lets review the Westcott 7 Foot Parabolic Umbrella. The winter over here in the Netherlands seem(ed) endless and it still isn’t entirely gone. Anyway, the winter fur in my face has to go shortly.

One of the best kick offs for a new season is getting some more equipment for your studio and of course for location shoots. Especially if you have to shoot on location and you still want to have the big guy’s light modifiers like a 7 foot octa bank.

I have to say that I’m more charmed about the build quality of the Westcott 7 Foot Parabolic Umbrella. To soften the light when needed and get this typical large window look where ever you go with this boy I also purchased the diffuser panel as well.

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See you next time when we review some more gear.

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