Some Tips On Street Photography

Today I want to show you three example images and give you some tips on…

…street photography.

Most of the time you don’t want to be your subject aware of the fact that you are taking an image.

Here are a few tips:

  • If you have your battery pack mounted or you have one of the higher end cameras (that already have a second shutter button build in) use the lower shutter button. This way people don’t see your finger on the upper button and most of the time they will not be aware of the fact that you are taking images at all. All they see is someone who seemingly is fiddling around with a camera.
    Try to operate the lower shutter button with you pinky.
  • Shoot from the hip.This works excellent in combination with the method described above. Not just that, it also will give your images some extra dynamic.
  • If you use the techniques described above you better select your center focus point and set your AF-system on continuous. With some practice this will make it easier for you to aim and shoot.

I hope this helps.

I wish you much fun with your street photography. Thanks for watching and reading!

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