A Tip For Smart Phone, iPHone And Point And Shoot Shooters

Not everybody who is taking snap shots with a mobile phone or a point-and-shoot camera is necessarily into…

photography. However, there is an easy way to take that snap shots to a more interesting level. They still won’t make it into National Geographic’s magazine, but they will give you more joy to look at.

You don’t need to buy an expensive piece of gear to get there. Especially not if you not willing to really dive into photography.

The only thing that you need to use are actually your knees. They came free of charge when you were born. Just use them.

Next time when you are at the zoo or an attraction park, think about how you hug your kids. Are you bending over to do that or are you going through your knees and hug them?

Right! Same thing for your dog. At least if it’s not a really small one.

Just go through your knees when you take that snap shot and you will see immediate result. It just looks so much better.

Try it right now and stop taking that lazy images.

Have a great day ahead!

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